When adding a listing is Costa Rica, what is a FRN Number?

A FRN Number is used mainly in Costa Rica.  FRN refers to “folio real number”, which is a unique identifier in the public records in Costa Rica for every registered piece of property.  Proxio made it a required piece of information on the MLS to help catch duplicate listings and to control who can enter an open a listing. 


Each property registered in the National Registry in Costa Rica is assigned a unique number, which is called the Folio Real. This number is used for identification, and is made up of three parts. The first group of numbers signifies the province where the property is located, the second group of six numbers is the actual property number, and the last group of numbers indicates how many individuals own the property. Properties require a Folio Real number to obtain clear title.

If the FRN Number is in use by another Agent who has already added the listing in ProxioPro, you will receive a pop-up message stating so as the FRN Number can only be Active on one listing at a time.  The previous listing using the FRN Number would need to be marked as Sold or Inactive.

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