How do I add a listing or property?

Many users have listings from an automated feed of listings that is either provided to them as a benefits of either a partner, MLS or brokerage they belong to or from their membership level. 


Agents who are at the Standard Agent membership and above, regardless if they have an automated feed of listings on their account are able to manually add a listings by either navigating using the menu option of MY PROPERTIES > Add Property or MY PROXIO > Home > click the Add a Listing.  Both of these options go to the same input screens to add a listing. 


Fields marked in red are required and all other fields and information will enhance the listing. Add information to your listing and then click the 'Click to Continue' button on pages 1 and 2 until you reach page 3.  On page 3, you can save the listing by either clicking the 'Done' button or continue on to the 4th page by clicking the 'Add Text and Photos' button on the 3rd page.  This will move you then to the 4th page. On the 4th page, you will be able to add the Property Overview in the Language 1 (and Language 2 if you speak another language or use a computer translation as this is a free form text field and is not automatically translated) fields, along with adding photos by clicking the 'Add Photo' button. Once completed, you can click the 'Done' button on the 4th page to save the entire listing.


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