How do translations work in ProxioPro?

Proxio translates the menu options, default email texts and the majority of the text in ProxioPro by using native speakers of the language to do the translations. 


Note: free-form text or text you compose yourself in emails, listings (property overviews) are not translated as we want to be as close to the native language as possible and so that the meaning of the words or phrases is not lost.


Proxio has a couple of ways the information within ProxioPro is translated:


1) ProxioPro platform available in 20 languages:

If navigating up to the top right of any page, click on the word "Profile" (has a percentage bar of Profile completion below the word Profile).  KW GPS users will navigate to the top right of the page and click on the word "Settings".  Under the information section is a field labeled "1st Language:" to which 20 languages appear to select as your 1st Language.  These 20 languages are the languages ProxioPro support for translations.  If for example, Spanish is selected, then the Save Changes button is clicked at the bottom right of the page, the very next time you login to your ProxioPro account, the menu options, most all of the text for listings, etc. (except free-form text) will be in whatever language you have selected as your "1st Language" and have saved.  At any time, you can change the language you see ProxioPro in by clicking on one of the flags at the top left of the page. 


2) Listing View Details page is available to be translated into 20 languages, no matter what language you have set as your 1st Language on your account. 

When on the View Details of a listing, at the top right of this View Details page, a box with the word 'Translate' appears with a drop-down arrow.  Click in the box or click the down arrow to select from one of the 20 languages to translate the listing into.  At this time, we translate all of the property description and details except the free form text (Property Overview).  Please see the additional FAQ on how to add a 2nd language to a listing: CLICK HERE.



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