How do I upgrade my listings with a Premium Agent or Global Agent membership to Premium or Featured Listings?

As a Premium member, you can select up to 5 of your listings to be "Premium Listings" (also called Featured listings).  The listings can be upgraded to appear in expanded format at the top of relevant searches. Global members receive twice as many listings they can upgrade to Premium (10) as as benefit of their Global Agent membership.


Follow these 2 steps below to update a listing to Premium:


1) Navigate using the left menu to MY PROPERTIES > Edit Property.  Your listings will appear. (Note: Many KW members (all KW GPS members) have a different version of ProxioPro and have a top menu instead of a left menu. Navigate using the top menu to My Properties > Edit Property).

2) In the column with the "Star" symbol, there will be blank stars.  Click the star (one at a time) for the properties you want to make a Premium Listing (one at a time, up to 5 for Premium Agents, 10 for Global agents can be selected).  You will be asked if you want to make this listing Premium and if you do, click ok – the star will then turn yellow/gold indicating it is now a Premium listing.


At any time, you can change which 5 listings as a Premium Agent or 10 as a Global Agent you would like to appear as Premium Listings by deselecting the yellow star from the Edit Property menu.  Premium Listings appear in expanded format at the top of relevant searches on and


If an agent at any time would like to upgrade more than 5 listings as a Premium Agent or 10 listings as a Global Agent to Premium Listings, this can be done by clicking on 'Make my listings Premium' from the Property List or Edit Property menus.

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