How do I change my password to my ProxioPro account?

1. Once you are logged in, click the Profile icon that is located at the top right of any page 
2. Enter your current password in the field Old password:
3. Enter a password of your choosing in the field New Password:  

4. Enter the password of your choosing again in the field Confirm New Password:
5. Click the Save Changes button

If you do not know your password, please visit, click "Forgot your Password" link located underneath the Username and Password fields.  You will need to enter your "Username" in the field provided, then click the Submit button.  Proxio will send an email to the email address that is on your ProxioPro account that will allow you to reset your password quickly and easily.


Usernames are not usually changed and cannot be changed the user.  Each partner of Proxio's has a specific default Username and Password that provisions an account depending on the specific partners request.  In some instances an email address is used as a Username, but in others the MLS ID is used as the default Username. 


Note: When an agent is part of many different partners of Proxio (i.e. MIAMI Association of Realtors, Keller Williams and ILHM), the account will retain the original Username that the account was added through and the additional benefits of any other partner this agent may belong to will be added to this one account.  Agents normally will only have 1 account in ProxioPro.

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