How do I change the Expiry Date and Contract Date fields on a listing?

If you are referring to either the 'Contract Date' or the 'Expiry Date' on a listing, you can edit these two date by following the steps below:

1) Navigate using the left menu to MY PROPERTIES > Edit Property
2) Click on the pencil icon next to the listing of which you need to edit either date for (or if needing to edit both).
3) On the 1st page "1 Property" of the input screens, both dates are shown.  Click the ‘Calendar icon’ to the right of the date which will drop down a calendar.  If you need to change the year, select the year first, then select the month, then select the day.  After the day is selected, the date will appear in the field.

You can make the same type of selection for both the Contract Date and Expiry Date.  If you select the wrong date, you can click the Calendar icon again to re-select a different date.

Once you have made the correct change to the date, click the 'Click to Continue' button until you reach page 3 or 4 where you will click the 'Done' button to save any changes you have made.

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