How do I find other agents to network with?

If someone invites you to network with them, you should receive an invitation via email ("You've been invited to network with..."). The email contains a link. Click the link, which opens the agent's ProxioPro profile, then click the "Accept" button.


Or, when you are inside ProxioPro, go to NETWORK > Agents on the left menu (or from the Home - 'big button' page, click 'Build My Referral Network').  Most KW agents will have the KW interface of ProxioPro and there is instead of a left menu a top menu.  Click on My Agent Network top menu option and then click the Agents tab to start your search. For users who the regular ProxioPro Interface, when you are on the agent search page, click the tab "My Agent Network" which contains all of the sent and received invitations.  Click the name of an agent to open his or her profile, then click the "Accept" button.


Once you have accepted an agent into your network, you can communicate with them via email -- one at a time or all at once -- or you can send and track a referral, from the My Agent Network page. You can also disconnect from any agent by clicking the Disconnect link on the far right of the agent's name.


To network with other real estate professionals:


Navigate using the left menu to NETWORK > Agents (many agents who are with KW or are KW GPS agents will navigate to Home and under Agent Tools click on the button labeled 'FIND AN INTL AGENT') to enter into the Agents networking menu.  Enter the search criteria for the agents who you may be searching to network with and then click the green button with an arrow to perform the search. 


Note: there is a 'Text Search:' field that will search for agents by name (i.e. John Smith) or the city of your search can be entered or any other information that an agent may have added to their Agent Profile (i.e. Luxury, International, Condos, Residential, Short Sale, etc.) to populate the agents that you may be looking for. 


Once you have a set of agents you would like to network with, simply click the 'Handshake' icon next to the agent's name to open the Send Network Invitation email.  If you had clicked the agent's name to open the Agent Profile to view more information about an agent, there also should be an 'Invite' button that once clicked will take you also to the Send Network Invitation email.  Currently, only 1 agent can be sent an invite at a time by either clicking the Handshake icon or the Invite button. 



Some participating agents have listings to promote and they do so; many do not have listings but want to make connections to solicit business, or want to find listings to promote to buyers.

Proxio does not allow mass emailing because the system is built around trusted relationships and we do not want people to be spammed.  If you build a network with other agents (you each agree to be connected), then you can mass email the entirety of your network from the ProxioPro system.  If agents become too annoyed by this emailing, they can easily disconnect.   When sending a network invitation, an email is sent where the agent can Accept or Decline the invitation directly from the email.  This is why currently networking is done on an individual basis. 



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