What can I do once I join?

After you register, the features of the ProxioPro system are available to you immediately. Start
by adding details to your profile – your specialties, additional languages you speak, any
professional designations you have earned, and a photo. Browse the network from the
Network Overview section of ProxioPro to see who else is on the system.

Next, invite other agencies that you work with to the network, to share information. By inviting
agencies that you trust, you will both be able to see information in common (once again,
information at your control), in real time. Then, find other agents to network with, or groups to
join…. you can search by country, region or county, postal code, language, specialty, affiliation
or name. It is that easy. It’s all about building a business network that helps you make more

We recommend adding a listing. This way, you will see the level of completeness and detail we
offer. If you are cautious about your information, make sure the listings are set to Private, which
is a default setting.
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