Walk me through some examples of how Proxio's service will help a Real Estate professional achieve his or her goals.

Scenario 1:

Agent has a multicultural buyer or a foreign buyer. Using Proxio, the agent can do a search
across their MLS listings and other properties, then can append their name, photo and logo on
relevant listings for printing and emailing to clients in any of 19 languages, thereby providing a
valued service to the buyer.

Scenario 2:

Agent has a property listing that appeals to buyers outside their region – a luxury home, or a
resort property for example. Using Proxio, the agent can:
a.) make the listing visible to agents everywhere by posting it in Proxio’s international
MLS, and on the ProxioPro message board;

b.) identify agents in ProxioPro who meet a certain profile (such as specializing in luxury
properties) in selected target markets and send the listing directly to them to attract a
buyer; or

c.) upgrade the listing and have it syndicated to over 40 top portals in countries around
the world for exposure to foreign consumers directly.

Scenario 3:

Agent has a client that wants to move away or buy a second home or investment property in
another part of the U.S. (or in another country). Using Proxio, the agent can look up suitable
properties in other regions to recommend to the client, and/or can find an agent to refer their
client to anywhere in the world. In both cases the local agent can earn a referral fee of ~25% of
the buy-side commission from the cooperating agent in the other location.

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