How can real estate professionals maximize search engine optimization (SEO) in foreign countries?

It is not possible for a typical agent to maximize SEO in foreign countries with their personal
website, designed for their local market. A local website is necessary, but not sufficient.

- One way to be found by consumers in foreign countries is through a Facebook business page;
more Facebook users are outside the US than inside. Proxio’s SocialSearch™ Facebook app
operates in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Chinese – it automatically opens in the
language of the visitor’s browser, and lets them search listings in their own language. Buyers can share, post, pin and tweet the listings to friends and family, always linked back to the agent’s Facebook page…. keeping the agent at the center of the homebuying conversation.

- Proxio has partnerships with international portals, to expose listings from US agents in other parts of the world – local SEO where buyers are actually looking. One example is, a global site displaying over 3 million listings from professionals in manycountries - for which Proxio provides multilingual search and listing translations. Most US listings entered into Proxio are pushed to WorldProperties at no additional charge. As an option, agents or brokers can upgrade their listings to have them syndicated to over 40 top portals worldwide.

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