How do I post a listing to my personal Facebook wall? (option is no longer available)

To post your listings to your personal Facebook page wall, you will first need to have a Public and Active listing on your ProxioPro account.  If you have at least one Public and Active listings of yours on your ProxioPro account, you can follow the few steps below (ensure you are first logged out of Facebook prior to bringing step 3) :


1) Login to your ProxioPro account

2) Navigate using the left side menu in ProxioPro to PUBLICATION > Publication

3) Select the Facebook bubble (if not already selected) from the Internet column, then click the  “Next” button at the top right

4) Select the listing you would like to post to your personal page Facebook wall by clicking the box next to the listing (only one can be selected at a time) and click the “Next” button at the top right

5) Click the “Go” button at the top right and a pop-up window will appear to login to Facebook to post your listing via the Share button


This feature has now been removed.  Per Facebook rules, listings should not be posted to a Personal Page.

Proxio offers an application for Facebook called SocialSearch that can be added to your Facebook business page (pages).  Proxio SocialSearch is included with the Premium Agent and Global Agent memberships or if you are a member of the following, you can visit the page for installation of your benefit from these MLSs or partners:

MIAMI Association or Realtors (Install HERE)



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