How do I translate a listing using ProxioPro?

With Proxio you can translate, print or email listings within Proxio for your clients in any of 19 languages; all ProxioPro functions work in any of these languages too.  To translate one of your own listings, navigate to My Properties > Property List.  Click on the Ref # of the listing to open the View Details page.  Once you are on the listing within Proxio, all you would need to do is click on the box above the listing that displays "Translate".  There is a drop down menu showing the languages that the listing can be translated into.  At this time, we translate all of the property description and details except the free form text (Property Overview). 


You can, however, enter the description in a second language (when entering a listing) if you speak one, using the text box on tab 4 of the property edit screens.  We do not translate text that you compose, only the messages in the system.  For now, we suggest you can translate your message using Google, and paste it into the email before sending.  We understand how important the Property Overview field can be and we hope to be able to offer translation of this field in a future product release. 

To add the second language (field is labeled as Language 2), navigate using the menu to MY PROPERTIES > Edit Property.  Click the pencil icon next to the listing you would like to update and add a 2nd language for.  You will not be in the input screens for a listing.  Click the 'Click to Continue' button on pages 1 and 2.  On the 3rd page, click the 'Add Text and Photos' button to move to page 4.  In the center of the page will be two tabs, Language 1 and Language 2.  Language 1 tab/field should contain the Property Overview if you have added it manually or from an automated feed of listings that may be on your account.  By clicking the Language 2 tab, it will bring this field forward allowing you to type of copy/paste a 2nd language into this field.  You will need to either speak the language and type the property overview in the language you would like it to appear in or copy your Property Overview from the Language 1 tab (using the keyboard Ctrl + C) and paste the property overview into the software such as Google Translate you are using.  Once you have the converted language you would like to use, you will paste that language into the Language 2 field by using the keyboard function of Ctrl + V for paste.  To save your listing, click the Done button on page 4. 

Both languages should now show on your listing and these fields will not translate as they are free for text, but this allows a user to have up to 2 languages on each and every listing.


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