How do I enter a ‘Co-Listed’ property if the property already exists in ProxioPro?

Proxio may be receiving an automated feed of listings from your MLS/Brokerage.  Listings are added to the ProxioPro account of the agent who is the Primary listing agent or 1st agent on the listing


In instances where there is more than one agent on the listing (Co-listing agent or 2nd agent on the listing), the listing is only added to the 1st agent or propary listing agent from the automated feed. 


In these cases, the listing would then need to be added manually to the account of the co-listing agent.  As only 1 "REF Number:" (Reference Number) can be Active in ProxioPro at any given time, when manually adding a listing, one simple solution to add the listing is to append your 2-letter state abbreviation in front of or behind the Reference number (most Reference Numbers are the MLS # of the listing, but they can be any combination of letters, numbers or characters)-- this almost always solves the problem.


To add a listing, navigate using the left menu to MY PROPERTIES > Add Property to enter the input screens.  The Ref Number you may be adding using the MLS # followed by your state abbreviation.

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