What does ProxioPro do?

Proxio is a real estate technology company based in Silicon Valley. Proxio’s flagship product is
ProxioPro™, an international MLS and global real estate network. This online, multilingual
marketing and networking service enables real estate professionals to promote not just their
listings, but more importantly themselves by building personal networks with agents anywhere.
Proxio has won several industry awards for innovation, and has been selected by many
organizations to provide technology and connectedness to the extended Realtor family
throughout the world.

In the US, Proxio partners with associations, MLS and brokerages to upload listings and expose
the properties to a worldwide audience of real estate professionals, who are eager to connect and
create referral business with each other. Agents can manually enter listings that are “out of area,”
since Proxio’s database covers approximately 140 countries. Proxio translates all listings into 19
languages, so every agent can search for and print property information in their local language
(Proxio also converts currencies, measurements and date formats, for a fully localized

Outside the US, Proxio directly provides MLS services (in 19 languages), creating tools for agents
elsewhere in the world to establish more transparent and collaborative markets in their local
areas. This increases the value of the agents to their clients, because they can expose each
property more completely to all potential buyers—improving the likelihood of a quicker sale at a
better price.

All of these pieces sit within Proxio’s multilingual and global platform, a borderless online
environment optimized for delivering real estate services anywhere on earth.

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