Why do I need to build a network?

Connecting to other real estate professionals around the globe is purely optional.... but highly encouraged!

Building your professional real estate network (kind of like you would on LinkedIn) through ProxioPro does a number of things for your business:

1. Positions you and your specialties for other agents to find you in your area if they have a referral. (A LOT of Proxio customers get referral from other Proxio subscribers!)

2. Send referrals to other agents in the world if you have a client looking for a 2nd home in another part of the world! You will want to introduce them to someone they can connect with, perhaps speak the same language, has expertise in the area they are interested in, someone that has a listing they might be interested in

3. You can notify your entire network when you have a new listing...Your sellers LOVE this one!

4. All of the listings that belong to the agents in your network are searchable in your ProxioPro Widget. The more connections you have, the more International listings are shown in the property search on your website. If a visitor on your website has interest in one of the listings that belong to an agent in your ProxioPro network...YOU GET THE LEAD! 

5. Stay connected with all of the activity in your network by watching the News Feed. When you have a new listing, your listing will show up in your network's News Feed!

Start increasing your connections in your ProxioPro network today!
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