How do I advertise with ProxioPro?

A way to advertise more would be to invite other agencies that you work with to the network, to share information. By inviting agencies that you trust, you will both be able to see information in common (once again, information at your control), in real time. Then, find other agents to network with, or groups to join…. you can search by country, region or county, postal code, language, specialty, affiliation or by name (using the ‘Text Search:’ field). It is that easy. It’s all about building a business network that helps you make more sales.


You can visit our corporate site for more information on membership packages which have benefits that will not only enhance your listings, but also allow more visibility for you and your listings; in turn helping out your advertising efforts. By visiting our corporate page, you can find our more of what Proxio has to offer and pricing for different packages ( or if you have any particular question, please let us know by replying to this email.


Once logged into your ProxioPro account, you can also click "Upgrade NOW..." located at the top center of any page for all available upgrade options for membership or to upgrade individual listings to Premium.


We also wanted to provide you with the link to the 'View Getting Started Guide': that may help answer some questions that you may have.


If you have already upgraded, you can also take advantage of the benefits of your membership. 

Premium and Global Agent memberships include the ability to mark up to 5 or 10 listings as Premium (see FAQ on how to do so by CLICKING HERE). See below for the benefits of each membership level for the individual agent

(Please Note: Some benefits may already apply and you receive as part of your membership with a Proxio partner, group or MLS):



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