How do I reorder images for my property?

1) Login to your ProxioPro account
2) Navigate using the left menu to MY PROPERTIES > Edit Property (click on Edit Property) - if a KW GPS member, you will have a top menu
3) Next to the listing you would like to edit, click the pencil icon
4) Click the 4th tab at the top labeled 'Add Text and Photos' and then click the Add Photo button on this page
5) A page will appear with your images. At the bottom of the page of images, click Reorder Images link
6) Another page will open where you can drag and drop the image to display in order you would like. Once you have the correct order, click the Save button on this page to close this page
7) You should now see your images have been reordered.  Select the Primary image if needed by selecting the button next to the image.  Then click Save, then Finish on this page.  This page will close.
8) Last step, click Done on the Edit Property input 4th tab to close and save the listing.

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