How do I see my own Agent Profile?

The easiest way now to view your own Agent Profile is by navigating to the Home page and click the light blue 'View Profile' button in the upper right box.  Or if you are on any other place in ProxioPro, click your name that appears at the top center of any page.


You can also navigate using the left menu to NETWORK > Agents or from the Home page, clicked on the 'Build My referral network' button, you will see a menu to search for Agents from.  The Agent networking menu has options to filter the agents that will populate by Geography, then by State (Region), By Language, and many other fields, that will help narrow the search results of agents to whom you may be looking to network with. 

Agent records are displayed first by membership level (Platinum being at the top), then the second filter is by the number of network connections for that membership level. 

There is also an option at the far right, below the rotating banner ad of Platinum membership agents that you can choose to see more than 20 rows at a time or go to the next page or previous page.

Also, in the Agent networking menu, there is a field labeled as 'Text Search:'.  This field can be used to search for information that other agents may have added to their Agent Profiles (including their name) and then populate those Agent Profiles. 


Note: You will not see the handshake next to your name in this search because you are not able to network with yourself.

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