How do I change a listing/property to Active or Inactive Status?

There are two ways to change a listing's Active/Inactive status:

1) On the left menu, under MY PROPERTIES, click >>Edit Property. This brings up a display of your listings.

The simplest way to change a listing from Active to Inactive or vice versa is to click the icon in the first column next to the listing you want to change the Active/Inactive status of. If the listing is Active it will have a green check mark.  If the listing is Inactive it will have a red X.  Clicking the green check mark (Active listing) with the left click of a mouse will change the listing to a red X (Inactive Listing).  To change an Inactive listing (red X) to an Active listing (green check mark), click the red X and it will turn to a green check mark.


2) If you want to change other information in a listing at the same time or if you want to change the listing to either Pending or Sold, click the pencil icon in the line of the listing you want to change information for to enter the input screens.  Make a change to the Status field and then click the 'Click to Continue' button on pages 1 and 2.  Then click the 'Done' button on page 3 to save the listing.


Note: Changing a listing to a 'Sold' status and after the Done button is clicked on page 3 will permanently mark the listing as Sold.  A Sold status cannot be changed back to any other status at any time. 


A listing from an automated feed of listings that has been edited by clicking on the pencil icon and then saved will remove the listing from further updates from the automated feed of listings.  This means if the price changes, if a description changes or even if images change, the automated feed will not update the listing.  This is because an automated feed of listings may override the changes you have made and details you have added.  The only update that will take place after a listing from an automated feed of listings is edited manually is to remove the listing from your account if it either is Sold, off the market or is no longer Active in the automated feed of listings that added it.


Another useful tip: from this Edit screen, you can click on the REF number to see what the report on your property looks like. This report can be printed or emailed. For properties marked Public, this is the detail that will be seen by other agencies.

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