I'm a Global Agent and marked my listing as Premium, where are my listings shown?

Members who have upgraded to the Global Agent membership have a benefit of selecting up to 10 listings as Premium (Featured) listings.  Our Global Syndication offering syndicates to up to 40 different portals, most of which remain constant, however the list can be a bit fluid and change at any notice. 

Not all Premium listings for Global Agents are syndicated to all sites- it depends on the parameters of the listings. Some sites do not display all particular countries listings.  Similar rules apply for Luxury portals as they will not displays listings under a certain list price… And possibly the same for rentals or different property categories. Nonetheless, with the amount of portals that we syndicate to your listing is sure to get maximum global exposure within the parameters of the portals that we work with.

The rules for Global Agent Premium listing syndication are as follows:

    Must be an Active listing
    Must be a Public listing
    Must be a Premium listing
    Must have an Empty (not filled) or Valid contract date
    Must have a Valid Expiry date (not expired)
    Must belong to an Platinum/Global agent


Premium Listings are selected by following the 2 steps below:

1) Navigate to MY PROPERTIES > Edit Property.  Your listings will appear. 

2) In the column with the "Star" symbol, there will be blank/clear stars.  Click the star (one at a time) for the properties you want to make a Premium Listing (up to 10 can be selected with a Global Agent membership). You will be asked if you want to make this listing Premium and if you do, click ok – the star will then turn yellow/gold indicating it is now a Premium listing.






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