How do I edit a listing?

If you need to Edit a property, you can do so using the left menu: MY PROPERTIES > Edit Property, then click the pencil icon to enter the input screens.  Fields in red with an asterisk are required fields (Note: not all fields that are required are added in the automated feed of listings process and during the Edit Property process, you may need to add some required fields).


If you have a listing that is not in an automated feed of listings that may be added to your ProxioPro account (i.e. MIAMI, Coldwell Banker FloridaMoves, CRMLS, etc.), you can add the listing to your ProxioPro account using the left side menu, MY PROPERTIES > Add Property.  You will enter the input screens and manually add the information to add the listing.  On the 3rd page labeled ‘3 Features’, you can save the listing by clicking the Done button or move on to the 4th and last page labeled ‘4 Add Text and Photos’ to add images to your listing and the Property Overview in the Language1 or Language2 fields. ProxioPro provides users the ability to add two different languages in the Language1 and Language2 fields. These fields require users to enter the property overview in the language they would want shown as ‘free form text’ or text that you compose yourself is not translated, such as the Property Overview that is entered in the Language1 and/or Language2 fields. Click the Done button on the 4th page to save the listing.


If you wish to change the Status of a listing, navigate to MY PROPERTIES > Edit Property.  Click on the pencil icon to enter the input screens for a listing.  Make a change to the 'Status:' field (Active, Pending, Sold or Inactive).  Click the 'Click to Continue' button on page 1 and 2 and then on page 3 click the 'Done' button to save any changes page.  Click the Done button on page 3 saves any information on pages 1-3.  To save information on page 4, click then the 'Add Text and Photos' button on page 3 to move to page 4, add or edit any information and click the 'Done' button on page 4.  The 'Done' button on page 4 will only save information on page 4, therefore if you have entered information on pages 1-3, you will first need to click the 'Done button on page 4, then go back through the Edit Property menu till you reach page 4 and click the 'Done' button to save information on page 4.  This is only when Editing a property.  (if initially adding a property all information is saved when clicking the 'Done' button when you have reached page 4.



Note: listings that have originally been added by an automated feed of listings that are edited through Edit Property menu option will then only update the listing Status when the listing becomes Inactive. All other fields will no longer update from the automated feed which added the listing.

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