Why can I not update the Product field on my listing?

Proxio receives an automated feed of listings from many partners, MLSs and brokerages. The primary listing agent of the listing will have that listing added to their ProxioPro account through the automated feed. The information obtained in the automated feed of listings designates the listing "Product" or type of listing it is along with adding the additional information to a listing such as price, images and features.


Listings once either manually added by an agent or listings from an automated feed of listings have one field that is not able to be updated once the listing is added:

1) The 'Product' field (the type of property it is, i.e. 1 House, 2 Apartment/Condo, 7 Rental House, 13 Land for Rent, etc.)


The reason that this field is not able to be edited is because it drives and populate different fields within a listing depending on the Product. For example, a Rental listing populates fields within a listing of "Potential Rent" and other features that are specific to a Rental property.

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