How to delete or deactivate an agent from 'My Agent Network'?

If you wish to no longer network with a specific agent you are currently newtworked with, you can follow these few steps:


1) Login to your ProxioPro account

2) Navigate using the left menu to NETWORK > Agent

3) At the top of the networking menu is a tab labeled : My Agent Network. Click this tab to bring it forward

4) All of the agents you have either sent network invitations to or received network invitations from will appear in the My Agent Network. You can also sort many of the columns or only show those network invitations that were Sent, Received or to show both.

5) To disconnect from the network connection you have with another Agent, simply find the agent and in the far right column click the "Disconnect" link.


Neither you or the agent you had previously networked with will then appear each other's My Agent Network tab or be able to send emails or referrals from the My Agent Network tab.

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