How do I share a listing with a client?

Sharing your listing with a client can be done for one of your own listings or another listing you may find in ProxioPro.  The following steps are the two different ways


Case 1: Sharing your own listing with a client

1) Once you are logged into your ProxioPro account, navigate to MY PROPERTIES > Property List.

2) Click on the Ref No. of the listing you would like to share.  If you would also like to translate the listing before sending it to a client Click Here for the FAQ on how to translate a listing.

3) Located at the top right of the page there is an 'Envelope' icon and a 'Printer' icon.  To email a copy of the information appearing within the border below, select the Envelope icon.

4) After selecting the Envelope icon, you can choose from clients you have already added onto your ProxioPro account or if none have been entered as of yet, in the Additional Clients field, you can enter an email address.  If sending to more than one client, you can enter more than one email address followed by a comma.  Enter or update the Subject line and add information in the Message (body).  Once finished entering information, click the Send button. 


Case 2: Sharing another agent's listing in ProxioPro with your client Click Here to view this FAQ.




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