As a KW member it appears the file for ‘Upload Photo:’ and ‘Company Logo:’ are missing and not added to my Agent Profile. How can I check to ensure these files are added?

When visiting the Setting link at the top right of the page as a Keller Williams member who has the KW GPS version of ProxioPro, you can view the photo that has been added to your account  by navigate using the top menu to Home > then click on the 'FIND AN INTL AGENT' button located under the Agent Tools.  In the ‘Text Search:’ field, enter your name as it appears at the top right of the page and click the green arrow (as long as the country and other search criteria if you have entered any match that of your account), your profile will appear.  Click your name to open your Agent Profile where your will see the photo you have added to your Agent Profile.

If you have listings, you can click on the number under the house icon located at the top right of your Agent Profile, then click on a REF No. of a Listing of yours.  At the bottom of your listings, under the Office Information you will see the Company Logo you have added.

Each time you click the Settings icon located at the top right of any page and look at the 'Upload Photo:' or 'Company Logo:' fields, it will appear blank when returning back to this page.  This is only because after you have clicked the Browse button, the information contained in the field is specifying where the image or file is from (i.e. C:\Users\Proxio\Desktop\Images\headshot.png which is an example of a file name and location that was on our hard drive. Note: your file and location will be different than this example).  Because the image is not stored there, the field will be blank, but your image is not lost.  It is added to your account and each time you return back to the Profile page by clicking the Profile icon at the top of the page, both the Upload Photo field and Company Logo field will be empty.

Company Logos appear in a few locations including at the bottom of listings under the Office Information section, on a Flyer after it is created when navigating using the top menu to Home > then click on the ADVERTISE A LISTING button under Listing Tools, or if creating a Client Report at any time for your listing or any other listing in ProxioPro

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