How do I create a flyer for one of my listings in ProxioPro?

In order to create a flyer on your ProxioPro account for a listing, the listing needs to be your listing and on your ProxioPro account as Active and Public.


Once you have a Public and Active listing on your ProxioPro account, you can create a flyer for it by following the steps below:


1) Login to ProxioPro

2) Navigate using the left menu to PUBLICATION > Publication

3) The center section under tab 1 "Choose Media" is labeled "Flyer".  Choose a template for the flyer you would like to create for your listing.  (Note: Hovering your mouse cursor over a template will provide you with a larger view of the template)

4) Select the bubble next to the flyer template you would like to use.

5) By default, the selection of "Language 1" will be selected.  If you have added more than one language to your listing via the Edit Property menu, you can select "Language 2" or select both.

6) Click the Next button towards the top right of that page

7) You are now on the Select Media tab (Step 2).  Check the box next to the listing you would like to create a Flyer for, then click the Next button again that is located towards the top right of that page


Your Flyer should now be available as you are on the Preview/Print page.  You can translate the listing flyer and all fields except free form text will be translated (text you compose yourself).  You can either Print the Flyer by clicking the Print button towards the top right of that page or click the Save PDF button to save the Flyer as a PDF on your computer.  You can use the PDF as an attachment in all of your emails to other users you network with.

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