How do I enter or edit a property to add a specific currency?

A property can be added in ProxioPro to have a specific currency other than what you may have as a default on your ProxioPro account of. 


Navigate using the left menu to MY PROPERTIES > Add Property or from the Home page, click on the 'Add a Listing' button.  You will now be in the input screens to add a listing.  On the first page of the Add Property menu to the right of the Price field, you can select the currency this listing is being added as. 



Enter the other fields that are at very least required on the 1st page (required fields are in red with an asterisk), click the Click to Continue button on page 1 to move to page two which you will again enter at least the required fields, click the Click the Continue button on page 2 to move to page 3.  The listing can be saved at this point by clicking the Done button on page 3 or click the Add Text and Photos button to move to page 4 where further information can be entered and then the listing can be saved by clicking the Done button on page 4. 


Note: you can also change the currency showing on a listing if you edit a listing (perhaps the listing is from an automated feed of listings or it was previously entered with the wrong currency) by navigating using the left menu to MY PROPERTIES > Edit Property.  Please ensure the currency you have set for a listing is accurate as Proxio converts all listings into 55 currencies currently, no matter how the listing was originally entered. 


When another agent or consumer may be viewing your listing or another listing from ProxioPro, depending on the defaults you have set it what the currency will display as (i.e. a listing was added with the currency as EUR - Euros and you have USD - US Dollars set as your default, the listing you are viewing will convert EUR to USD)  See below the Defaults settings that can be found after clicking the Profile icon at the top right of any page:

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