How do I share my listing from the Proxio SocialSearch Facebook app to appear as a post on my Facebook personal page?

You can share any listing from your Proxio SocialSearch application to appear as a post on your personal page wall. 


Step 1.  Navigate to your Proxio SocialSearch application by clicking the tab that appears under Apps on your business page (default name of the Proxio SocialSearch tab is Real Estate for most SocialSearch applications)

Step 2.  Once on your Proxio SocialSearch application, either from the House (home) icon or if clicking on My Listings, your listings will appear.  When viewing the listing, if there is a ‘Log in’ link, click it to use Facebook yourself (your name)

Step 3.  Left click with your mouse on the listing ‘Learn More’ button which will open up the display of the full details of the listing.

Step 4. Left click the ‘Share’ button, then select the option ‘Share on your timeline’ (you can also add some text to the post in the ‘Say something about this…’), then click the ‘Share Link’ button.


The post on your Facebook personal page wall will now appear. There are then options to Like, Comment or Share on the post.


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