How do I show another agent's listing with my contact details?

In ProxioPro it is possible to search for and find another agent's listing and add your contact details to it.  Please follow the steps below:


1) Once you are logged into your ProxioPro account, navigate to SEARCH > Property Search or from the MY PROXIO > Home (also called the Big Button page), select the Search for Properties button.

2) Enter the search criteria to find a listing, then click the Search button.  From the results that populate, you can send any one particular listing to a client by left clicking with your mouse on the box next to the REF No. field.

3) After the box next to the REF No. field is checked, scroll up towards the top right of the page (underneath the Map tab) and choose the selection in the View Report field of 'Client Report' if it is not already selected. 

4) Click the green arrow next to where you have chosen Client Report. 


A Client report will now be generated for this listing with your contact details, your photo and company logo from your ProxioPro account.  This listing can then be either Printed by clicking the Printer icon at the top right of the listing or the listing can be sent to a client by clicking the Envelope icon (select from a client list to which you have already added onto your ProxioPro account or if you have not entered any clients, add the email address in the Additional Clients field. Once you have completed the form, click the Send button to send the the Client Report with your contact Details.) 


The client report can also be translated into another one of the languages currently available prior to sending it by selecting the language from the Translate box.  Note: free form text or text a member composed themselves is not translated. 

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