Why is my ProxioPro account showing m2 (meters squared) when viewing listings and how do I change my Default settings?

You can change the default setting between f2 (feet squared) or m2 (meters squared) to change how you see your listings displayed.  The default display of f2 or m2 will allow you to see the proper default when adding a listing or editing a listing.   


Listings will be converted automatically depending on the default setting you choose no matter if the listing was added/entered in f2 or m2.


To change your default selection between ft2 or m2, click the Profile icon or for some users the Settings icon at the top right of any page.  Find the top section labeled "Defaults". Under the Defaults section is the "Dimension Unit:" field. You can now select either "Square meters: m2" or "Square feet: ft2".  Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Save Changes button to save this selection.  Any listing you see now will automatically convert to this selection, no matter how it was originally entered.


2 fields display in either feet squared (f2) or meters squared (m2): "Living Area" and "Land".  These 2 fields currently do not display in acres.

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