If I do not want to add my listing into the MLS or a feed which is adding listings to my account (referred to as a 'Pocket Listing' normally), how do I get my listing on ProxioPro?

Some members of ProxioPro for different reasons do not want to add a specific listing in the local MLS.  Usually referred to a 'Pocket Listing'.  Examples are: sometimes a client's request to not add the listing to the MLS, pocket listings or off-market listings etc. Also some of these members of ProxioPro have an automated feed of listings that adds their MLS listings to their ProxioPro account. 

If the member does not want to add a listing to their own MLS which normally automatically adds their listings, the Proxio member can manually add the listing to their ProxioPro account.  Navigate using the menu options MY PROPERTIES > Add Property or from the Home page, click on the 'Add a Listing' button (KW GPS Agents have the Keller Williams version of ProxioPro which has a top menu instead of a left side menu).

Once on the Add Property input screens, you can manually add the listing.  Fields marked in red with an asterisk are required fields.  All other fields are optional and will enhance the listing. 

Note: The Ref Number field is normally where an MLS number is added for listings in ProxioPro.  As the listing is not in the MLS, you can add any combination of letters, numbers and characters as long as what you have entered does not match another Ref Number in ProxioPro you will be able to continue.  If the Ref Number you have entered already exists in ProxioPro, you can alter your Ref Number slightly which should allow you to enter the listing.  Only 1 unique Ref Number can be entered in ProxioPro.



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