How to Send Your Clients e-Brochures

It is easy to send powerful effective emails for one or even several Projects:

1. Login To your Proxio account: go to or from your account in click the “Developer Showcase button in the big button but page (Home Page).

2. To Send your clients project information, you first need to follow that project, just Search the Projects you want to follow and click the “Follow” button.

3. To Send an email with a brochure go to the Sales Kit tab and Select the Projects you want to send to your clients: click “Select”.

4. In your right hand you will see the Projects populating, then click the “Send Projects” or “Send Brochure” button.

5. Input the email or emails Addresses you want to send the Email to, you can send up to fifty emails at a time by separating them with comas.

6. Select the subject and Message you want to send to your clients or you can send our Default message.

7. Register your Client Leads if you desire to.

Note: all the messages getting to your customers will have your own Contact information.


In case you only need to send a single Brochure:


1. Click on the Orange Circle in the image of Projects in the Marketing Kit, when into the Project.


2. Go to “Brochures” and you can very easily Download a PDF or Send a PDF from a Project Brochure or Marketing Flyer.


3. Input the email or Emails Addresses you want to send the email to, here you can register your client lead if you decide to.



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