How to Post a Development to Your Facebook Timeline

1. Log into your Account 


2. Now once you get to the agent's dashboard, you have to click on "Manage projects" and you will see orange circles, these are the projects that you are following, click on this, and it takes you to the development page.


3. Click on the button right there that says "Share on Facebook"

Note: if you are not logged on facebook, you will be asked to log in.

From here, you can add something about the project and you have different opportunities to post this:

1. You can do it just by clicking at the top of the page where says "On your own time-line" choose an option.

2. You have also the option, all way down, of sending it to public friends or more options such as a client list.

4. Then, all you have to do is move down right and click on the "Share Link" button as soon as you hit the share link button, you would have automatically posted this to facebook, now your facebook post includes a link to the development.


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