Installing Proxio Social Search

The following steps can be taken to install Proxio SocialSearch application:


1) Visit

If you belong to a different Country than USA or a specific MLS, please check your URL here: Installation Links

Some specific installations will require adding your License Number instead of your username, example: Miami Association of Realtors


2) Click the button in the center of the page, 'Login with Facebook to get started now!" and enter your Facebook Username and Password


3) Accept all 3 of the pop-up permissions by clicking Okay

-1st permission: Real Estate will receive the following info: your public profile, friend list, email address, custom friends lists, and likes.

-2nd permission: Real Estate would like to post to Facebook for you.

-3rd permission: Real Estate would like to manage your Pages.


4) You now should be on the 'Application Installation Instructions' page. Enter your Proxio username or your email in the 'Step One' box when asked to Enter Your ProxioPro User Name or Email. 


5) Ensure the checkbox is checked and click the 'Install Proxio SocialSearch' button


6) A page will pop-up labeled 'Add Page Tab' that you can select your Facebook business page by clicking the drop-down arrow.


7) After selecting your business page from the drop-down menu, click the Add Page Tab button


8) Congrats! You've now set up your ProxioSocial Search site.


If you get redirected to the page, you will need to clear the cookies and cache for the web browser you are on. Or try another web browser. Proxio and SocialSearch support Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox web browsers.



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