How to Add a listing in Proxio Showcase

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Log into your Proxio Showcase account, then go to "MY LISTINGS" and click on "Add your listing now"


       1. Basic information  

  • First add a property name, the address and then continue adding the property information section (example numbers of bedrooms, Bathrooms, and the listing price)
  • At the bottom of the property type field, note the blue add amenities link, select all amenities that apply and click the add button. To delete, select the amenity and click on remove.
  • Select the phase tag of your listing, then complete the listing agent information, the required fields are noted with an asterisk.

Click next to continue with step 2.

     2.  Content

  • In this section, you add the Property Headline, Description, commission or referral fee. You can emphasize certain words or phrases using Bold or Italics and enter this free-form text up to 6 languages.
  • When you click on the blue link title, add more details you would be adding content to 6 sections, simply fill in your information and select the space you would like to be visible. Save and repeat.
  • You also have the option to create a special tab, call it anything you want. You may use it for schools, restaurants or nearby parks. You can add images to go with the tabs, just click the plus button and begin the uploading process.
  • Finally, add any specific Terms and Conditions to agents that can bring your buyers. Detail what they have to do to earn that commission or referral fee; when you finish, click on next to go to Step 3.

    3. Upload

  • In this step, you would be uploading videos, photos, and other documents. Proxio uses Retina Ready Responsive Designs; your website and marketing materials are going to look great. Images used in marketing materials must be minimum 1000*600 pixels, if you don't use these requirements they won't be included in the Image Gallery.
  • Select the images and upload them from your computer, you can add a short description for each photo and you can reorder your images in the way you want. When you finish click next.
  • You can follow the process with the other tabs but these are completely optional. if you have a video, a document, floor plan/site plan, you can add them on each tab.
  • Finally, Proxio Showcase automatically creates beautiful digital marketing materials for you, including a property Brochure, but if you have a brochure on your own you can add it in the Brochures Tab. When you finish click next.


  • Once you have finished the creation of your listing, select Publish Option. You can edit your listing as many times you want.

Listings purchased on Proxio Showcase will start the days count only when the listing is published.

Please watch the Guide videos on each step when you are creating your listings.



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