What is "My Network Listing"?

These are all the listings that belong to you and the agents on your agent network.

With this feature you can notify your entire Network as soon as you get a new listing posted on ProxioPro2.

The more connections you have, the more International listings are displayed in the property search on your website. If one of your clients has an interest in one of the listings from an agent in your ProxioPro network...YOU GET THE LEAD! 

When you have new listings, these are displayed in the News Feed of  your network. When they log into their ProxioPro2 account, they will see all of the recent activity on their network, your new listing included.

 Steps for promoting a listing:

1. After you log into ProxioPro2, go to the "Properties" section on the left hand side of the landing page

2. Click on "My Network Listings" or "My Listings" and there you can search for a listing in particular or choose as many as you want.



Once you are there, you can choose the language of your preference to share your listing



Then you can choose the currency and measurement units the listing will be displayed



Finally, you will find the Email button and Social Media icons, where you can share listings.


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